Saturday, November 24, 2012


I just thought of it this morning and I don't know whether to be gleeful, insane, worried, or scared for what'll happen with this idea. But before I explain the idea, I need to tell you the dream I had:

Well, to be honest, I was already dreaming about something else that I can barely remember anymore. But in the middle of all that, I randomly thought "Hmm...what would happen if the Beast didn't survive in 'Beauty and the Beast'?" And the dream that I had before turned into this whole universe of Gaston running the castle (or a castle: the whole castle layout was different in my dream) and Belle being trapped in this relationship with him. And throughout this whole time, the forest around the castle (or at least, in my dream) was dying and decaying into this wasteland of dead plants and even lava (don't ask, it was a dream for God's sake!) and they were arguing in opera (which I thought was pretty cool) that Gaston was destroying the forest in an abstract way and that Belle had no authority or some weird ish like that and then I woke up when I wanted to hear what Gaston sounded like when he was singing in an operatic argument. :(

After that, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Even after I woke up, I spent several minutes just lying in my bed thinking about that weird section of my dream. I practically spent most of today with my ear buds in, listening to non-distracting music and occasional static from the radio, with a pillow put over my ears just so I could concentrate over this idea. I would just pause in the middle of walking to go get some cereal to think about how this idea could be expanded.

And so, I've come to the conclusion that I'll try and go with this idea. I won't tell you anything more than what I explained from my dream, 'cause when I do that, I typically jinx the whole project on myself. But I hope to give you guys some excerpts, if I don't get bored/stuck/feel like this is total shit and try and recuperate by watching way too much TV, etc. I also thought on signing up on for some more constructive outlet. If I fail to do so, I always have this blog and you viewers to judge my life based on my creativity (just kidding). But if I manage to man up and sign up, I'll give you my profile to follow and lovingly idolize (just kidding again, I'm not forcing you. But seriously, IDOLIZE YOUR GOD, RS!)

Now, I have to find the right information, the right place to start this crapfest of fanfic, and find my creativity/courage to start writing this damn thing. IMAGINATION HO!

Until then, I hope you'll be kind to me, my blog, and my writings, because no one likes haters.
<3, RS