Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blizzard of Glass

A blizzard of glass feels like a million tiny knives cutting you to pieces
It cuts away your hair,
Your skin,
Your heart,
Your soul
I guess it feels like when something hurts you deep inside
A blizzard of glass comes from a desert of shards,
A building in ruins,
An evil heart, turned black as the years toll by
You feel the malice of the blades each time it slices a part of you
It destroys your happiness,
Your hopes, your dreams
It takes everything away from you in a flash of blinding light as the blades fly towards you
The blinding whiteness turns a deep red as they collide with you,
Into you,
Sinking deeper into your being until there’s nothing left to call your own
Beware the blizzard of hateful glass

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