Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Eskimo is Happy...

I was a happy Eskimo earlier today in my warm, puffy Eskimo coat, running on pure inspiration (aka adrenaline) and feeding off its wonderful kick of energy. I felt the best I've felt in years and it was all thanks to that wonderful thing we're born with called imagination.

For days, I've been having my doubts about my new fanfic and how it's going to work because I just had the dream, and a bit of a beginning plan, but nothing else to go on. I figured out one thing, but had my doubts again that it would make sense and that made all my planning take a screeching halt on the Depressed Writer's Block runway. But today, I was trying desperately to think of any more ideas before my inspiration and willingness to do the project went under. In a spurt of adrenaline and inspiration sent from the Supreme Being in the Sky, I finally found some closure. I mapped out a plot line that actually finished the story in the way I wanted to, with a few background details that explained enough of the plot point decision that it didn't make me feel like a useless writer-of-crap. I felt overly giddy when I finished because I knew my idea wasn't going down the toilet like so many other of my potential projects. I only hope that I continue on in keeping this idea alive as I try to cram in writing time for myself when I'm not busy doing work and not screwing around with my time by watching dumb videos online (it happens).

So, as I stood in the freezing weather at the end of the day in my snuggly, warm Eskimo coat, I felt relieved that I didn't simply give up like I did with infinite projects before. I will try to get more stuff on FanFiction when I get the chance. Hopefully, this stuff will be okay and you guys won't hate me for it.

By the way, I'm not telling you anything more about what I created as the plot line of this project! HA! :P

<3, RS