Thursday, January 31, 2013

America, We're Screwed

I've noticed lately how we modern Americans portray the news. For instance, I bet you American fans didn't notice how there's a deadly smog covering China as we speak or how Agent Orange is contaminating kids in Vietnam. This stuff,sadly, is merely glanced over and put into the ten o'clock news with Diane Sawyer. The "news" we watch and pay attention to are things from Good Morning America and TMZ. For example, today's top story on GMA was about how a Raven's cheerleader got kicked off the squad and how she set up a Facebook page with more than 3,000 likes on it already for the purpose of getting back on the team, and how to make the best damned Super Bowl dip that'll blow your mind and leave your lives empty because the taste of this fattening shit was so effing delicious.

Really, America? Really? Are we really that shallow?

Going back to the title of this rant (brace yourselves, people), America is doomed. I mean, we have no idea about North Korea is doing besides the fact that Kim Jong Il died and that Kim Jong Un has taken over in hilarious memes. Hell, they might have some American prisoners that they're planning to strap to a nuclear rocket that'll destroy America as we know it, we don't really know, nor do we even give a flying crap! All we care about is how Beyonce's a fraud for lip syncing during the Presidential Inauguration! NO ONE CARES!!! IT'S NOT IMPORTANT!!! What is important is helping the countries less fortunate than us/need allies so we can kick Communist butt to make the world a better place, instead of sending those shitty little Twitter messages to Kim/Khloe/Karrie/Kandy (who really cares which one, really?) Kardashian about how her baby should be named "#YoopyMcAwesomeSocks"!!!


Anyway, I'm done now. Please take this post to heart and look up the World News on CNN. Please immerse yourselves so I won't have to scream at you again. Here's a funny video about America for you to forget that I ever yelled at you guys and possibly (although I hope not) forget that there's even a world out there and go back to watching the latest episode of Honey Boo Boo <large shudder!>.
<3, RS

Friday, January 25, 2013

I DID IT!!! (Part 2)


Me stomping Finals Week into the cold, hard ground

Anyway, just thought I'd tell you since I have no real life to call my own.
<3, RS

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Un-Creative Mind Dump

Hey, lemme ask you a question.

What do Koreans do when they're depressed?
<looks left, looks right>

And that concludes all creativity that I'll be producing this week.

No seriously, I won't have enough energy to create anything. Why, you ask? BECAUSE OF THE DREADED BEAST CALLED FINALS! So those who've battled this monster know what I'm going through. To those who don't, it usually comes with a splitting headache, a mental breakdown, and the wish that these things never existed. But, hey, you never know; I might come up with something to show you guys. Just keep an eye out for any updates.

Anyway, I'll go back to doing nothing because my brain is 100% fried. I wish you well and give you lots of hugs and chocolate through the Internets.
<3, RS

P.S. Here's something to cheer you up while you wait for me to do something:

Psy Pusheen has more than two arms! 0_0

Monday, January 21, 2013

This Made my Life

Once again, I hate to bother you with another pony post, but this video made my day. I felt like it successfully analyzed the fandom of MLP. Anyway, you can click this link or you can just ignore it and continue to compose an e-mail saying how annoying this Pony Posting is getting.

Just something I wanted to share with you fans, bronies or not. I hoep this isn't getting too annoying for you guys. If so, please send hate-mail to This is a legit e-mail that won't give you a virus. Well, on purpose.

Have a lovely rest of your day. I'll try to get something creative up soon!
<3, RS

P.S. The voices for the video are actually John DeLancie and Tara Strong! HOW IN EQUESTRIA DID THEY MANAGE TO GET THOSE TWO TO DO THIS???!!! :D

P.P.S. Didn't John DeLancie singing the song remind any of you of another John? Lithgow, specifically.
That would be awesome if he cameoed on the show....

Sorry. Go back to your lives.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finally! A Post that's Non-Pony Related!

Talk about distracted...
Here's a poem I found that I wrote something like three to four years ago. It's hardly worth showing to you guys, but it shows that even I have Writer's Block Supreme sometimes. Kind of like right now...

Dang it....

Anyway, you can enjoy it or you can ignore it completely. I honestly don't care. ;)
<3, RS

My Bus Poem
By: (RS)
The bus is here,
A cloud looks a lot like a poodle!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I...don't know what to say....or think.....I mean....Discord becoming good? Umm.... And not messing around with the Elements of Harmony? I mean....ummm....

Please help me. I'm so confused...
<3, RS

P.S. No.. just... NO!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Counting Down to Ponies

Finally! An episode after two weeks of no ponies! I'm so excited because this one has Discord in it!

But yet, that's why I'm also so concerned. I mean, it's Discord, one of the most awesome MLP villains on the show since it first premiere. But, this decision to put him in a regular episode is, to me, kind of a risky decision. And also the decision to put Fluttershy to be the one to confront him is an odd choice. Idealy, it should be Twilight to be the one who should confront Discord; he's the one who gets into her head and screws around with her.

Anyway, I'm just worried that this awesome character will be brought down to a forgotten icon.

I'll leave you back to your pony-less lives.
<3, RS

P.S. The reason I'haven't been writing on CVON lately is because I'm addicted to Figment. Come and see what I have and you'll see why I haven't been blogging for a while now.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh Technology, How I Love Thee (not!)

Don't you love it when your laptop suddenly starts to spaz out, or when your iPhone is frozen, or your Kindle Fire doesn't respond to your touch?

Yeah, me too. Not.

The reason I'm talking about this is what occurs about 40% of the time I spend on my computer and/or laptop:
  1. It either freezes an important program I'm using, so I have to shut it down and restart said program
  2. It either freezes two programs at once, making it very difficult to go get Windows Task Manager to help clean some of this crap up
  3. It freezes not only the Internet, but also your desktop and the Taskbar (and, if you're like me, all the cool gadgets on the Sidebar). I love it to death whenever it does this
  4. It randomly shuts down a program when I didn't even hit the "Close" button (rarely happens but annoys the crap out of me)
  5. When I'm trying to shut down an Internet window and the song/video keeps playing in the background. It's like it just knows that I'm wanting to shut it down and keeps torturing me to wait another five hours for the program to "fix itself" while listening to the hopefulness of the 10 hour Rainbow Bunchie loop
  6. When there's an external problem with the website I'm using when I really, really need to
  7. The mousepad (for my laptop) doesn't respond and the mouse jumps to the "Close" button, hoping that I'll bust another capillary (jk, I'm healthy) when I discover that the mouse works again and that I've just shut down an entire project without saving the last half an hour

Anyway, if you share these loving sentiments about technology, have fun blowing some more blood vessels because I think technology like this is here to stay. 0_0
<3, RS

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Yes, folks, I did it! I submitted something to a short story contest and I feel totally proud of myself! It's on Figment right now for the "Deadly Little Lessons" short-story contest and I feel highly confident. I'm not going to set myself up so I'll be like "OMG I'm totally going to win this thing I'm the best writer of them all!" and not get chosen, but I feel highly confident. Here's
my Figment profile with the short-story "Inner Strength". Please, please, PLEASE look at it and tell me if it's any good or not. I NEED TO KNOW THIS SO I FEEL BETTER AS A HUMAN BEING!!!!

<3, RS

Conflict of Interests

Interest vs. Need
Right vs. Wrong
Which one will I choose?
What changes the course of the future?

Impulse vs. Force
Desire vs. Reality
Which one is right?
Which one will I choose to take?

Yearning vs. Revulsion
Creative vs. Destructive
What will happen once I choose?
Will my future depend on this one decision?

Love vs. Hate
Soaring vs. Grounded
Why is it so hard to make up my mind?
Am I afraid on what might happen?

Happiness vs. Depression
Light vs. Dark
Have I made the right decision?
I can only find out

Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Epiphany

So I was just derping along, coming home from meeting friends, when my mom told me about her visit with one of my friend's mom. Her son (my friend's younger brother) did an assignment in writing a play for this big contest thing, and actually was picked out of about 400 students to have his play be performed by the local theatre along with 8 other students. I mean, don't get me wrong, I congratulate him for winning the honor and whatnot, but something about that set me off. I started thinking to myself "Great. Just perfect. That little rat has gotten everything he's ever needed at the snap of a finger. He gets everything he asks for with seemingly no effort while I have to work my ass off to get nothing in return. He's started his extra-curricular stuff for his college portfolio while I have practically nothing. Good God, I hate myself because of this kid" (not anymore, but you get the idea).

And as soon as I finished mentally grilling the kid into a burnt Human McNugget, I had an epiphany. If I wanted to get into the colleges I wanted based on what I want to major in (English and/or Creative Writing), I needed to win some writing contests. So I've now logged on Figment, which is a writing website for writing-enthusiasts, if anyone with a Figment account wants to follow me. I'm going to try and work my butt off to try and make it to win a couple of these contests to not only feel good about myself and my writings, but to also get something for my college resumé other than how many community service hours I currently have.

I hope to create greatness and to share some of my crap-writings with you guys really soon. Until then, READ A GOOD BOOK!
<3, RS

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friends (and Mustaches) are Awesome

Having a BFF is amazing. I love being comfortable in spending time with my friends. I love having sleepover/movie dates with friends, I like spending time in the local Starbucks cafe with my friends, I just love collaborating things with friends and creating good memories together. It's a shame that I'm such a Boo Radley (mostly because all my friends are busy when I am not), because I would spend half of my waking time spending more time with my friends. They are just that awesome to be around.

While we're on the topic of awesome, MUSTACHES.Think about it: it makes things more awesome. I am completely head-over-heels obsessed with the mustache paraphernalia. I was actually so in love with mustaches once that for one Halloween, I was a ghost with a neon-blue mustache. I am not joking you: a ghost with a freaking neon-blue mustache!
It was the best, most creative costume I ever wore. But the ghost-sheet kept making me trip in the wet, soggy streets whilst trick-or-treating. Oh well...

Anyway, I'm working on something but in the meantime, I'll pester you with short, meaningless, annoying rants like this until I'm finished so I can show you wonderful fans. Until then, keep your friends close, hug them tight, and give them these awesome mustache BFF necklaces from Claire's.
Hmm, that's not such a bad idea. Now I need to pick my victim (I mean, friend)...

I wish you lots of hugs and chocolate, mes amis!
<3, RS

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oscars 2013

Okay, I'll make this quick...
Now that the nominees for the Oscars (aka the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences), I'm getting ramped up for the premiere. Hopefully, you will be too (for my American fans, sorry my other worldly fans). Anyway, here's the countdown for the Pacific Coast premiere. I hope the 85th Academy Awards will be good. I mean, how can't it? It's got Seth McFarlane and Emma Stone, for Pete's sake!

Anyway, apprécier les films, mes amis!
<3, RS

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Abstract...

I can't do it
My creativity feels forced
All will, all enthusiasm is gone,
Leaving me with horrid emptiness
I feel nothing within my soul
I've been wrung dry
Why does this happen to me?
Why do I continue to let this happen to me?
Why do I let myself to be forced from my norm?
People pushing me around, telling me what to think and to feel
I feel empty because I have no soul
Or do I?
I don't know anymore
Why am I forced to feel uninspired?
Well, "forced" is the wrong word
Maybe there should be no word
No word, no world,
It's all just depressing
These thoughts make no sense,
But yet they make perfect sense,
In the grand scheme of things
Everything is so confusing
Why bother to make sense of it all
Harmony in discord?
It doesn't work
It feels forced, like everything else I try to do
Because everything is uninspiring and gray

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


That's it! I need to come out and tell people about my problem. I've gone to the point of where I want to do nothing but sleep in and watch ponies all day. I can't stop watching videos of MLP in my spare time, I can't stop thinking about them whenever I'm awake, I can't stop fantasizing about being a pony in Ponyville, AND I CAN'T STOP HUMMING/WHISTLING THOSE GOSH DARN SONGS EVERYWHERE I GO!!!!!!!!!!!! I do anything about it, it just comes to me out of the blue. Deep down underneath the friendship, magic, and fantasies of being a unicorn pony, I'm kind of worried. I don't want to turn into those over-obsessed bronies who, at the very beginning of the fandom, quit their jobs so they could sit at home discussing ponies in online chat rooms all day. I want to cure myself of this temporary illness!

And yet, I don't really want to. I want to share a common likeness to an awesome with some of the other bronies I know in my life. I want to share the excitement, the tears, the cheers, and the love and magic each epic-sode brings. I WANT TO HAVE SOMEONE TO BE WITH DURING THE EPISODE PREMIERES!!!!!!!!!! :(


Anyway, I'm sure it's just a phase, but I wanted to share something with you guys since a. I can't tell anyone else b/c I'm a shut-in brony/my friends don't really take any notice of my obsessions and b. I haven't posted to you guys in FOREVER! (by the way, SORRY!)

Go back to your lives, my fellow fans, and, for the love of Celestia, TRY MY LITTLE PONY FOR ONCE!!! I NEED FELLOW BRONIES TO SHARE A COMMON INTEREST/DISCUSS THINGS WITH!!!!!!
I'm so terribly lonely.... :'(

<3, RS

P.S. I heard DHX (MLP HQ) are getting together a fourth season!

So sorry. Go back to your lives, plz. I swear I'm sane.