Sunday, June 23, 2013

Important News!

Okay, I have to tell you a couple of important things before things get too late.
  1. I'm leaving for France tomorrow. I know, right? FRANCE!!! I'll be gone for about a week, so don't get nervous if nothing turns up for a long while. If you don't hear anything from me in two weeks, however, feel free to worry plenty.

    Anyway, I'll be out of the country for a week and won't have much access to the Internet so I can frequently update my adventures, not to mention I'll be really tired from walking around museums and such all freaking day. Although, I will bring a travel journal with me that I may/may not copy onto CVON. Now is the final packing stage before I have to go to the airport at 10:30 tomorrow morning.
  2. I have a new blog awaiting viewers. It's more of a branch-off blog, but I'm hoping to keep both CVON and this new blog running at the same time. The name of this new blog (if you haven't stumbled across it before now) is "The Reading Adventures of Twilight Sparkle", featuring the one-and-only Twilight Sparkle. She reviews books from the human world and reviews them, sharing her love of books to the world.

    Anyway, I hope this lasts long. I'd hate for it to burn out because of my short attention span and lack of creativity. I hope you check it out and follow it with as much enthusiasm as following this blog.

So that's it. Follow RATS ("The Reading Adventures of Twilight Sparkle") and don't lose your heads, because I'll be across the pond in France for a week. Allons-y, Alonso! ;)
:heart:, RS

p.s. links for you to survive the next week without me!: ;)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013



As you have probably guessed, I'm finally free of the academic nuthouse. FINALS! actually weren't as bad as I thought they would be and, so far, I've been getting good grades from completing those FINALS! without having a small mental/emotional breakdown. I could give you a list of all the classes I had and how I liked/disliked them, but that would be pointless, because a. I'm worried about people (i.e. teachers) from my old school seeing my opinions, since I'm uber-paranoid, and b. you all have better things to do with your life than stalk me on this blog!

Anyway, I also had to give back some cats that I helped foster for three months. It was extra-painful this time because we had kittens from the moment they were born, and the mother-cat was really shy but sweet and caring. I'll stop here, otherwise I'll explode in a fiery-flood of heart-aching-ly filled tears.

Anyway, I'm relishing in the fact that I can sleep in 'til 9:30 on a Wednesday and not having the pressure of finishing any sort of homework for the next day. With all the free time, I can
  • Read some books (i.e. more than one in a day)
  • Write some interesting/creative shit
  • Sleep in
  • Hang with friends
  • Share some interesting/creative shit
  • Continue the "Akuma No Seigi" collaboration with Yuzu
  • etc...

So, with that, I'll get started with my summer vacation. I hope to see you all really soon! :)
:heart:, RS

p.s. Thank you for hanging on while I've been AWOL this past week. :heart: you guys!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One! More! Day!

I have two reasons for making this post's title the way it is:
  1. It's one more day until the first couple of FINALS
  2. It's my last day of being sixteen (SPOILER ALERT!)
  3. It was the last actual/for-real day of school at the Academic Nuthouse
Going by the last couple days of pre-FINALS week, I should be stressing out over the last couple of subjects I need to study, resulting in what feels like extremely-high blood pressure, staying up until around 11:30 at night, which results in a nervous breakdown. Luckily, I don't think I'll have that problem tonight, because I FINALLY FINISHED MY GODDAMN GRAPHIC NOVEL!!! Long story short is that I put it off until the last minute, stayed up until 11:30 last night with about 58% of it done (insert nervous breakdown), then scrambled during classes, miraculously finishing it during 4th Period, turning it in two hours later feeling ultimately relieved. :)



Nah, I'll procrastinate instead, and reflect on my life being sixteen.

Overall, it hasn't been that bad: I've grown (somewhat) socially, finally becoming a (somewhat) anthropophobe, I've made more wonderful friends, and I've gotten into college early! How great is that?! And today hasn't been all that horrible (discluding the fact that I was scrambling to get my stupid graphic novel done on time). It's actually kind of sunny right now. And, to top it off, I played with my dog, who was hyper after getting a bath, which made me feel pretty good about life in general. I'm actually kind of excited about what this new year brings for me. I hope it's something special.

Anyway, I hope you have a good rest of the morning/afternoon/evening/night, and I hope to see you when I'm seventeen! :D
<3, RS

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Help My Brain...

Someone please explain this video to me...

I am so confused...
<3, RS

Ehn... :/

It's two days before FINALS (and my birthday) arrive and I literally don't give a crap about anything anymore. I'm not making any effort to study for FINALS or to finish any FINAL projects in order to get out of here. Even as I type this, my facial expression is :/ and I'm feeling really depressed. Why?

  1. I'm trying to study 18,000 things at once, all of which are equally "important"
    • This is one of the reasons why I'll be missing this academic nuthouse (being highly sarcastic): every teacher I have assigns way too much crap for me to study with, and if I don't do some of the worksheets, I'll be chastised for not having done that worksheet since it's important to my future. Yeah, like I'll be studying how to cure sickle cell disease by analyzing the structure of the infected cells, or how I'll be giving a crap about any geometric figure in my life after I'm completely done with school.
  2. Due to trying to complete 18,000 things at once, I am mentally (not to mention physically and emotionally) drained
    • Kind of self-explanatory. I immediately shut down once I get home and not do anything for the rest of the day. Not a good way to get the frig out of here. This also strains my conscience due to it screaming to me that I need to get this shit done while I tell it to go hump a cactus.
  3. I still haven't finished my graphic novel project :(
    • Yes, that graphic-novel-creative-explosion that I posted a couple of months ago hasn't been finished yet...
    • Or started...
    • And it's due tomorrow...
    • Shit!
  4. I have multiple things I haven't done that I know will screw me over
    • Yeah. I have a monologue that I know I'll forget after the first couple of paragraph, I have an argument that I didn't even make an effort of doing, I have to still study for my Drama/Geometry/Biology/Religion/French/World History/English FINALS, and, as previously listed, I haven't even started my graphic novel project.
    • May God have mercy on my soul...

So, yeah, I have a lot to do before I'm finished with FINALS and it's taking a huge toll on me.  have no idea if I'm going to finish it all without becoming manically depressed and having a mental breakdown. Oh well, I'd better get started, then.

Hope to see you in one sanity-filled piece. :/
<3, RS

Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Going to be One Hell of a Day...

    Okay... Let's get a couple of things straight:
  • I rode on the I90 highway for a half an hour before I had to turn back because of a semi rollover several miles down the road
  • I waited five hours until traffic was clear enough to drive (by then, it was about 11pm)
  • I got to where I wanted to go at about 12:45 in the morning, getting to sleep by about 1-ish
  • And now, I was woken up at 7:45 to get ready for a family party at my place with about 6-ish hours of sleep...

:Love:, RS

Thursday, June 6, 2013


That rare moment where my printer prints out a PowerPoint slide in less than five hours...
Just decided to post this because a. I'm busy, b. I'm tired, and c. this moment rarely happens and I decided to celebrate it with you guys. Now, I must be going because a. I need sleep, b. I need to finish my project (due tomorrow, yippee...), and c. I must continue to work on creative things before I black out from exhaustion.
I hope to see y'all very soon!
<3, RS
p.s. I'm currently working with another friend of mine on a super special awesome collaboration blog, so keep an eye out for a notification post for when it's acceptable for your audience. ;)



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2 Weeks and Counting...

Oh my God... I'm so close I can almost taste the college...

Really, all that's standing in my way in getting out of this academic nuthouse are final projects (which I'm planning to procrastinate until the last minute and put in my shitty last minute "masterpiece"). But, hey, at least I'll be free after the last day of Finals! Fun fact: I'm celebrating my birthday (also known as "the day I first took in oxygen" or "the day I suddenly and miraculously came into being")on the first day of Finals. :(
Happy frigging birthday to me...

Anyway, I'm trying to hang on for the next two-and-some weeks until I can gratefully kiss this academic madhouse goodbye! Hopefully BC won't be as strenuous as this. How can it be? I'LL BE TAKING TWO-THREE CLASSES A DAY, COMING OUT AT AROUND NOON ON STANDARD DAYS!!!

I hope to see you soon, hopefully in one sanity-filled piece.
<3, RS

Monday, June 3, 2013

More Creative Upchucking!!! :D

Last night, I wrote this. Not going to say anything more. Just read it.

<3, RS


                I taste the griminess of the ancient wood floor in my breath. With ragged breath, I push myself up to a meager sitting position. It’s freezing up here, the bitter wind tearing through my skin right through my bones. I crawl to the nearest wall, and lean against it, trying to catch my bearings. From where I sat, I could see the faint borders of the trapdoor that the crone pushed me through, a door that could only be operated from underneath. No good trying to pull it open from my end. The wood paneling of the floor was filthy, confirming my observations from my face-to-face encounter. Some scraps of hay were blown around the floor, the vague possibility of others before me.

                I pulled myself up the wall, using the eternal curve as a support system. I saw the lone window that the cold wind was coming through. It was only a couple of feet away from me. I grabbed the bricks of the wall and pulled myself along, my legs following weakly. The wind blew my hair away from my face as I got closer, sending my tattered skirts dancing wildly. Finally, I saw sunlight. I almost jumped out the window to grab a ray of it in my arms. I stopped when I saw where I truly was, suspended a hundred feet in the air. The crone locked me away in my tower, like in the stories Mother used to tell…

                Mother. I had no idea if she or my sister had survived. Even my childhood friends lay in the testy hands of Fate, waiting to be thrown into the unknown. I let myself collapse back down to the disgusting floor as I open my mouth and release the purest of sadnesses that have and ever shall be on this earth. I cried out my sadness, my fear of the unknown, my raw anger towards the crone and towards my current situation. My body convulsed with every heart-wrenching, soul-poisoning sob. I was so hopeless that I barely noticed when I steadily lost consciousness and fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Creativeness UNLEASHED!

Hey, CVON peoples! I just wanted to share this scene I wrote in the late hours of last night. It's based on the Greek myth of Danaƫ (otherwise known as Perseus' mom). I might make a story out of this, I might not. But I decided that I should share with you guys since I haven't been posting any creative stuff for a while. Enjoy!
<3, RS


                The farmer dug his rake into the dark soil and sighed. From where he stood in his fields, he had a clear view of the towering castle from across the wide river, and it was burning. Smoke swelled into the darkening skies from the inside and he thought he could hear some shouts of joy being carried on the wind. He sighed again, his soul weighed down my remorse for the people inside, what must be happening to them. He could still hear the sounds of anger and vengeance from the tavern the night before. How it hurt his ears! The aching farmer turned away, trying to make sense of it all, wanting to retreat inside his cottage and climb into bed, unable to take in the deathly skies above…

                When something caught his eye.

               Floating down the river, being pushed by the current, were pieces of wooden debris from the castle, some still burning. But the one thing that caught the farmer’s eye was a wooden crate, completely intact, swirling along with the current. It landed on the riverbank next to the farmer’s field. Curiosity pulled at him, so the farmer wandered over to where the crate had landed. It was an intricately designed crate, with twisting gold frame lining the walls, about the size of a traveler’s clothing trunk. Curiosity pulled at the farmer further, begging him to see what was inside this box. His aged hands gingerly reached for the lid and slowly opened it, releasing it with surprise and causing it to crash against the back of the trunk.

                Inside was the limp form of a young girl, a maid, judging by her uniform. The farmer looked closer, seeing if the girl still had life clinging to her. He reached his fingers to her arm and gently took her wrist in his. She stirred, sending the farmer’s heart rate climbing. She was alive, thank (DEITY). The girl pulled her arm underneath her and moaned. This was when the farmer noticed that she was clutching onto something. He attempted to turn her over slightly to see what she was holding when he stopped a quarter of the way. Clutched in her arms was a young baby, sleeping in the girl’s protective arms. The farmer’s mind ran wild. Where did this pair come from? The castle? Whose baby was this anyway? Was it the girl’s or someone else’s? Why were they put inside this trunk? Why was this trunk put into the river? What in (DEITY)'s name was going on?