Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Harry Potter and the Sparkly Undead

Harry Potter and the Sparkly Undead
            Harry Potter brushed at his unkempt bangs to attempt covering the lightning-bolt scar branded on his forehead. Even though he was with his two best friends, sometimes it just unnerved him that anyone could pass by and stare at him like he was a mutated troll. Sometimes he wished there were others who would draw the attention away from his abnormality…
            “Harry!” Hermione glared at him from the opposite side of the little area of the courtyard they had designated as part of their study session. “Weren’t you paying any attention to what I was saying about medieval wizards in the 1100s?”
            “Sorry, Hermione. I was thinking about something else.”
            “Merlin’s Beard, you’re almost as bad as Ron!” She gestured at Ron, writing down somewhat-relevant nonsense on his parchment about how trolls won the Goblin War. That was silly, of course: that was the centaurs (although it was really the Armenian wizards, but Harry could care less).
            “Hermione,” grunted Ron, “would it be correct to say that house-elves rode on thestrals to catch the goblins off-guard so that the trolls could win the war?” Hermione put her head in her hands and moaned.
            “Let me do it.” She swiped the half-written parchment from Ron and started scribbling furiously at all the mistakes and rewriting the composition. Harry sighed, wishing he could just wave his wand and say “Accio Distraction” so he could take his mind off the homework and how he suddenly felt self-conscious about his scar.
            Suddenly, three figures walked into the castle courtyard. One of the three had a deep tan with a bunch of abdominal muscles protruding from his stomach-area. The reason it was so boldly accented on this boy’s skin was because he wasn’t wearing a shirt, even though it was of the coldest days of fall so far. The second figure was a girl who looked like she was in her seventh or eighth year if she attended Hogwarts. She stood there, looking disinterested at the amazing views of wherever-Hogwarts-was-located, not seeming to loosen her grasp on the shirt of the third figure, who looked a lot like…
            “CEDRIC!” Causing Hermione and Ron to jump about a foot in the air, Harry ran towards the figure of his deceased Tri-Wizard Tournament ally. It was as if he never was hit with the Avada Kedavra spell. “Cedric, h-how did you survive? I saw your soul in the graveyard that night. H-h-how di-di-di…” Harry was at a loss for words.
            Cedric just looked at Harry with a slightly annoyed glance. “I’m not Cedric. I’ve never known anyone named Cedric.” The girl seemed to grip his shirt tighter in a death grip. “My name’s Edward.”
            “Harry! What was all that? You scared the living day…” Ron stopped running towards Harry and stared at the Cedric lookalike. “Cedric Diggory, is that you? Blimey… How can you be alive when I saw your body that night Harry won the Tournament?” Even Hermione seemed to make no sense of this.
            “I don’t know any of you. My name is Edward Cullen. This is Bella,” He gestured at the girl, “and this is Jacob.”
            “I don’t get it.” pondered Hermione. “If you aren’t Cedric, but you look a lot like him, then what are you?” Each of the three wizards’ hands instinctively hovered over where their wands rested inside their cloaks.
            “I’m a vampire.”
            “Wow! I’ve never seen a vampire up close!” Ron glanced up and down Edward’s physique. The girl --Bella, Harry remembered—tugged on his sleeve.
            “Edward, I want to go back to Forks”
            “Yeah, and there are no fangirls that can look at my twenty-pack.” Jacob stroked his abs the way Hermione would stroke Crookshanks.
            “Wait, did you say…fangirls?” Hermione cocked an eyebrow.
            “Yeah.” Bella sighed, looking disinterested. “We’ve got a huge fanbase of girls who want to be like me. I don’t see why…”
            “That’s strange, because we’ve also got a big fanbase.” Harry said, eyeing the three strangers. They can’t possibly have a larger fanbase than us.
            “Yeah, um… we have a lot more fans than you do…” Bella sighed.
            “That’s impossible.” Harry laughed jovially.
            “Actually…” Hermione handed a large book to Harry. “We both have an equal amount of fans between the both of us. Apparently, their fanbase is called ‘Twilight’-can’t imagine why- and we’re called by your name, Harry.” She sighed. “I hate Muggle customs.”
            “You know, I’m not completely comfortable with this. I want to see who can come out on top.” Ron whipped out his wand. “Fandom battle! If me, Harry, and Hermione win, we have the full right to give you the Avada Kedavra. If you win…”
            “I’ll suck your blood dry and toss you over the bridge.” Edward supplied.  Ron contemplated that option for a minute.
            Hermione slapped Ron in the face with all the power she could muster. “RON! WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE DEATHLY HALLOWS ARE YOU DOING?!”
            “It’s a deal.” Jacob stared Ron down, seeming to grow while Ron seemed to shrink. “On the opening week-end of ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’, we made $340.9 million.”
            Hermione consulted her tome of knowledge. “Big deal; we made $168 million on our opening weekend.”
            “We had fewer books than you guys.” Bella groaned.
            “Well, we had time to draw out the friendships and family connections while you ‘people’ had four books of weird decisions and a crazy government of supernatural creatures.” Harry and Hermione stared at him weirdly. “What?” Ron shrugged. “My dad’s into Muggle artifacts.”
            Jacob flexed his abs. “I’m incredibly hot and have great sex-appeal.”
            “I’m hot all by myself with my nerd-appeal, because I’m Harry Potter.” He raised his wand and blast green light at Jacob. He exploded into thousands of flesh and some fur. He stared at Edward, who grabbed Bella and ran away as fast as a vampire could.
            “Wizards rule.”

Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey, guys! Sorry I haven't been posting many posts lately. I've been on Mid-Winter break, so I was kind of taking some time off. Anyway, for those who've completely given up hope, don't despair. I've just been really busy/tired/lazy/burnt out that I haven't taken the time to update. I'm hoping to get something new onto my Figment account, not to mention add another chapter into "Akuma No Seigi". Just give me some time, and I'll show you what I've been working on. :)

That, and I was watching the Oscars. :P

I hope to see that you're still waiting for what I've been working on.
<3, RS

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Everything's Gonna Be Fine, Guys

This morning in Bronydom shimmers,
This morning in Bronydom shines
And I know for absolute certain,
That everything's gonna be fine!

As many Bronies, I was worried about how the Season 3 finale would turn out, if it would be the start of MLP's downfall. I wasn't as worried as some other bronies were, but I was nontheless concerned. I practically held my breath as the episode began...

But after watching the Season 3 finale, I realized that there was nothing to be worried about: DHX did a great job at sticking to the show's roots and gave us something truly magical (not to mention giving Princess Celestia a singing part: FINALLY!) I encourage you to watch the Season 3 finale and see that everything will be fine in the Fandom of Bronies.

As for that "Equestria Girls" movie, we'll jump that bridge when we get to it.
<3, RS

Thursday, February 14, 2013

HAPPY SINGLES AWARENESS DAY, EVERYONE! If you're someone who has a special someone:

Here's a special video for this special holiday. Remember to keep those you love close to your hearts. in my case, that would be books. Piles, and piles, and piles, and PILES of books.
Happy Singles Awareness/Valentine's Day, loving CVON fans! I love you all! :)
<3, RS

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I DID IT!!! (Part 3)


Everyone, I have important news to tell you:

Here's the link. This will be the additional source for writing stuffs. I hope those with DeviantArt accounts will follow me in creative wonderment (now I'm just making up words).
Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that my life isn't all that sucky anymore! :)
<3, RS

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Worst Weekend of Friggin' Life

Yeah, as you can tell, I didn't have the best weekend. How did this come around? Well...
  1. I was supposed to have a movie night with a friend on Saturday that cancelled at the last minute. This resulted in me trying desperately to get my friends to hang out with me and having them turn me down, resulting in a deep depression that lasted a night and a day, not to mention having me feel like a total loser.
  2. My mother took the time last night to tell me that I'll be changing schools next year. I tried to give her a set of reasons why I should stay at my old school, but those apparently weren't good enough reasons for me to stay, so my parents are forcing me to have me uproot my friends, favorite teachers, and my life I've made with my school, and start all over again in a different place, not to mention having my stalker get even closer to me (well, not really a stalker, but more like someone I'm trying to avoid), because he will be going to this school as well. I'm currently trying to avoid contact with my parents, since they aren't comforting me when I need it most. Thanks a lot, you guys...
  3. I didn't eat anything until noon this morning. This was because of a problem with my health forced me to eat nothing until it got better. This, combined with the previous two points, made me even crankier than usual.

I'll leave you alone to your non-sucky lives. There's no use in letting you listen to any more of my life being an ultimate pit of emotional hell. You're free.
<3, RS

Saturday, February 9, 2013

:( --------------> :)

At first I was all depressed, 'cause yesterday was a rough day and this morning, I "realized" that I had no friends (not really, but they're all really busy). :'(

And then I watched Ponies, and I was happy. :)

Just a quick little update for y'all. I'm still working on Equality, so it'll take a while for me to get something new to you guys.
<3, RS

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ancient Writings Found!

Last night, as I was milling around on the Internet, I noticed a composition notebook right next to my computer hard-drive. I opened it up and found the writings from my eighth grade experiences! Inside, I mostly found myself (from the past) bitching and moaning how my life sucked and I should be doing something better with my life. Since this bored me (even though I was the one who wrote these angsty "journals"), I won't let you suffer along with me. However, I did find a poem I wrote when I was in seventh grade, and I decided that I would share it with you. Don't worry: there is no angst in this.

I hope you enjoy my long-lost poem!
<3, RS

Everyone wears a mask,
If you should boldly ask
Some are big and some are loud
Some just laugh at the crowd
Emotions are so much like masks
When we turn our backs,
On the family we love and know,
A new, fun mask comes to show
When we turn our backs on fun-loving friends,
The fun mask's reign comes to an end
The serious mask comes to town
Bold, dark, and sometimes with a frown
Like a wall, it hides,
All secrets, dark and mysterious but it confides,
That we keep those secrets from Mom and Dad
After all, we wouldn't want something bad,
To happen to our lives that we've come to love and know
Who would come to show?
A replacement you?
No one, that's who
So that's why masks are also like safes,
Keeping our precious secrets locked up safe
And anyway, we all wear the mask

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Don't Mean to Sound Like an Egomaniac, but...

I thought I'd let you know about how my projects are going on my Figment account. My proudest works are as follows:

  • Akuma No Seigi: co-written by my good friend, Yuzukumi (go support her arts, plz!)
  • Love, Teddy: a more serious project that I'm slowly, but surely adding on to. I'm actually feeling like I'm connecting to the main character, Teddy Duncan. Anyway, read it, support it, tell me what you think
  • Given Time: you could call it a short-story, you could call it a flash-fic, I don't really care. I just wrote it on a whim and was pleased with the results
  • The Many Misadventures of Hagrid: this is what I would call a sh*tfic, where it looks like it was written by an overly-hyper second grader with no real effort put into the word choice, character arc, etc., only this time, it's completely intentional. Please read it if you like nerd fandom and if you want to share an endorphin high with me
  • Equality: this is one of the newer fanfics I've written on my Figment account. It's delving into the fandom of The Simpsons, more specifically, the episode entitled "Lisa the Drama Queen", which I'm nuts for and will probably blog more about it in the not-to-distant future. Anyway, I'm still working on it, but I'm pretty sure it'll be come of my greatest fics (besides Love, Teddy)

Anyway, that's all I want to share with you. Like I said before, read them, support them, and tell me what you think. As always, my e-mail's always open: I hope you'll like me more for my creativity than my somewhat-crappy blogging skills.

<3, RS

P.S. This is my official theme song from now on. It's too awesome not to be! :D :D <3

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Meh Poem

Here's something I wrote a little while ago. I'm pretty sure it's one of these days where I really need this, so I'll keep it short. I hope you enjoy my creativity.
<3, RS

Come, wonderful numbing senses,
And drug me into submission
Make me forget all the hardships humanity has faced
Numb my mind into a delightful jumble,
Of blurred pixels
I look to you whenever things get tough,
Or when things don't make sense
When the world turns completely upside-down,
I run to your comforting warmth of forgetfulness,
Letting myself be smothered,
By bright lights,
And mummified happiness
Let my concrete thoughts become puddles of conciousness
Drug me to the point where I don't care,
What day it is, what time it is,
Who my friends are,
And what I still have to do before the day is over
Let me be consumed to the point of no return,
Where I'm of no use to the world anymore

At least, then I'd be happy

In Which I Label Myself as a Philophobe

For those who don't know (most likely all of you), a philophobe is someone who's afraid of falling/being in love. I am such a person. I seriously don't know what's wrong with me. I mean, I like watching/reading about people who fall in love and live happily ever after, but whenever it's applied to my personal life, I'm like "DOES NOT COMPUTE! MUST BECOME A HERMIT IN ORDER TO AVOID INTERACTION! DANGER! DANGER!" I think the reason behind this is because of my awkward experiences when I was in first through third grade. Allow me to explain:

I was a complete naive little dumbass in those awkwards years of first through third grade. I was practically Snow White come to life, complete with a smile on m face, good morals, good manners, and dresses <shudder!>. Anyway, I've had my share of embarrassing crushes by third grade that I vowed to myself that I'd practically never fall in love with someone again. From then on, I've been content with the friendships I've made over my life and completely threw love out of the equation. Throughout my life, however, I've also had people crushing on me. They were all socially awkward boys around my age that thought I was apparently pretty enough to crush on (can't see the reasoning through that decision, but then again, it's "love"). They were also boys I wouldn't normally be hanging around with anyway. Add that with being a total wall-flower (BTW, I haven't seen that movie, but I really want to for those viewers whose mouths are dropping to the floor), and you've got me trying to avoid the guy currently crushing on me while he wants more of me.


I seriously don't know what's wrong with me...

Anyway, if you have a crush on me, keep it to yourself, because I'll just most likely ignore you and try to avoid any contact with you if you come out and say you adore me, even though you have no freaking idea what I look like and you're probably some stalker. So, please take my advice: if you love me: leave me alone!
<3, RS

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I just saw something online this morning that can't make me stop smiling. This has literally made my entire life so far. You want to know what it is? Good thing for you CVON fans is that I'm more than happy to tell you:


For those who don't know, it's called "From Up on Poppy Hill" and from this trailer of the American casting, it looks amazing! It's a broad difference from Studio Ghibli has produced in the last couple of years (not that I don't like Ponyo or The Secret World of Arrietty, they just weren't Howl's Moving Castle or Castle in the Sky enough for me). I encourage you to watch the trailer and have a massive nerd attack knowing that there'll be a new Hayao Myazaki movie coming on MARCH 15TH!

I can't wait that long!!!

Anyway, here's a countdown until the American premiere date. I hope you're all as excited as I am!
<3, RS

P.S. Is it March 15th yet? ;)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Do Zombies Create...Leavings?

In the spirit of the premiere of Warm Bodies, I've been thinking a lot about zombies lately. I've been watching the trailer over and over through daytime television, I've been steadily watching "The Walking Dead" episodes, I'm even reading "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" (all this was done unintentionally, by the way). Thinking about the popular genre of a zombie apocalypse, I was thinking about the working anatomy of a zombie. I understand that a zombie has to bite someone to spread the infection that causes the zombie hoard and that a zombie needs to eat flesh to survive... Which leads me to my big question:

Where does the consumed flesh go?

I mean, where does it go? Is a zombie's anatomy the same as a humans? Just because it's rotten flesh doesn't mean that it's all gone to waste (no pun intended). If the digestive tract is rotted out of any working order, then where does the meat go? Do the zombies throw it up? Is that the cause for so much blood coming out of their mouths? If not, does it just sit in their stomachs until it's a smelly, pulpy mess?

I really don't expect you to have any answers. I just wanted to address an overlooked question. I'll leave you to ponder the meaning of life through zombie waste.
<3, RS