Tuesday, January 8, 2013


That's it! I need to come out and tell people about my problem. I've gone to the point of where I want to do nothing but sleep in and watch ponies all day. I can't stop watching videos of MLP in my spare time, I can't stop thinking about them whenever I'm awake, I can't stop fantasizing about being a pony in Ponyville, AND I CAN'T STOP HUMMING/WHISTLING THOSE GOSH DARN SONGS EVERYWHERE I GO!!!!!!!!!!!! I do anything about it, it just comes to me out of the blue. Deep down underneath the friendship, magic, and fantasies of being a unicorn pony, I'm kind of worried. I don't want to turn into those over-obsessed bronies who, at the very beginning of the fandom, quit their jobs so they could sit at home discussing ponies in online chat rooms all day. I want to cure myself of this temporary illness!

And yet, I don't really want to. I want to share a common likeness to an awesome with some of the other bronies I know in my life. I want to share the excitement, the tears, the cheers, and the love and magic each epic-sode brings. I WANT TO HAVE SOMEONE TO BE WITH DURING THE EPISODE PREMIERES!!!!!!!!!! :(


Anyway, I'm sure it's just a phase, but I wanted to share something with you guys since a. I can't tell anyone else b/c I'm a shut-in brony/my friends don't really take any notice of my obsessions and b. I haven't posted to you guys in FOREVER! (by the way, SORRY!)

Go back to your lives, my fellow fans, and, for the love of Celestia, TRY MY LITTLE PONY FOR ONCE!!! I NEED FELLOW BRONIES TO SHARE A COMMON INTEREST/DISCUSS THINGS WITH!!!!!!
I'm so terribly lonely.... :'(

<3, RS

P.S. I heard DHX (MLP HQ) are getting together a fourth season!

So sorry. Go back to your lives, plz. I swear I'm sane.