Friday, January 18, 2013

Counting Down to Ponies

Finally! An episode after two weeks of no ponies! I'm so excited because this one has Discord in it!

But yet, that's why I'm also so concerned. I mean, it's Discord, one of the most awesome MLP villains on the show since it first premiere. But, this decision to put him in a regular episode is, to me, kind of a risky decision. And also the decision to put Fluttershy to be the one to confront him is an odd choice. Idealy, it should be Twilight to be the one who should confront Discord; he's the one who gets into her head and screws around with her.

Anyway, I'm just worried that this awesome character will be brought down to a forgotten icon.

I'll leave you back to your pony-less lives.
<3, RS

P.S. The reason I'haven't been writing on CVON lately is because I'm addicted to Figment. Come and see what I have and you'll see why I haven't been blogging for a while now.