Thursday, January 31, 2013

America, We're Screwed

I've noticed lately how we modern Americans portray the news. For instance, I bet you American fans didn't notice how there's a deadly smog covering China as we speak or how Agent Orange is contaminating kids in Vietnam. This stuff,sadly, is merely glanced over and put into the ten o'clock news with Diane Sawyer. The "news" we watch and pay attention to are things from Good Morning America and TMZ. For example, today's top story on GMA was about how a Raven's cheerleader got kicked off the squad and how she set up a Facebook page with more than 3,000 likes on it already for the purpose of getting back on the team, and how to make the best damned Super Bowl dip that'll blow your mind and leave your lives empty because the taste of this fattening shit was so effing delicious.

Really, America? Really? Are we really that shallow?

Going back to the title of this rant (brace yourselves, people), America is doomed. I mean, we have no idea about North Korea is doing besides the fact that Kim Jong Il died and that Kim Jong Un has taken over in hilarious memes. Hell, they might have some American prisoners that they're planning to strap to a nuclear rocket that'll destroy America as we know it, we don't really know, nor do we even give a flying crap! All we care about is how Beyonce's a fraud for lip syncing during the Presidential Inauguration! NO ONE CARES!!! IT'S NOT IMPORTANT!!! What is important is helping the countries less fortunate than us/need allies so we can kick Communist butt to make the world a better place, instead of sending those shitty little Twitter messages to Kim/Khloe/Karrie/Kandy (who really cares which one, really?) Kardashian about how her baby should be named "#YoopyMcAwesomeSocks"!!!


Anyway, I'm done now. Please take this post to heart and look up the World News on CNN. Please immerse yourselves so I won't have to scream at you again. Here's a funny video about America for you to forget that I ever yelled at you guys and possibly (although I hope not) forget that there's even a world out there and go back to watching the latest episode of Honey Boo Boo <large shudder!>.
<3, RS