Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Epiphany

So I was just derping along, coming home from meeting friends, when my mom told me about her visit with one of my friend's mom. Her son (my friend's younger brother) did an assignment in writing a play for this big contest thing, and actually was picked out of about 400 students to have his play be performed by the local theatre along with 8 other students. I mean, don't get me wrong, I congratulate him for winning the honor and whatnot, but something about that set me off. I started thinking to myself "Great. Just perfect. That little rat has gotten everything he's ever needed at the snap of a finger. He gets everything he asks for with seemingly no effort while I have to work my ass off to get nothing in return. He's started his extra-curricular stuff for his college portfolio while I have practically nothing. Good God, I hate myself because of this kid" (not anymore, but you get the idea).

And as soon as I finished mentally grilling the kid into a burnt Human McNugget, I had an epiphany. If I wanted to get into the colleges I wanted based on what I want to major in (English and/or Creative Writing), I needed to win some writing contests. So I've now logged on Figment, which is a writing website for writing-enthusiasts, if anyone with a Figment account wants to follow me. I'm going to try and work my butt off to try and make it to win a couple of these contests to not only feel good about myself and my writings, but to also get something for my college resumé other than how many community service hours I currently have.

I hope to create greatness and to share some of my crap-writings with you guys really soon. Until then, READ A GOOD BOOK!
<3, RS