Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh Technology, How I Love Thee (not!)

Don't you love it when your laptop suddenly starts to spaz out, or when your iPhone is frozen, or your Kindle Fire doesn't respond to your touch?

Yeah, me too. Not.

The reason I'm talking about this is what occurs about 40% of the time I spend on my computer and/or laptop:
  1. It either freezes an important program I'm using, so I have to shut it down and restart said program
  2. It either freezes two programs at once, making it very difficult to go get Windows Task Manager to help clean some of this crap up
  3. It freezes not only the Internet, but also your desktop and the Taskbar (and, if you're like me, all the cool gadgets on the Sidebar). I love it to death whenever it does this
  4. It randomly shuts down a program when I didn't even hit the "Close" button (rarely happens but annoys the crap out of me)
  5. When I'm trying to shut down an Internet window and the song/video keeps playing in the background. It's like it just knows that I'm wanting to shut it down and keeps torturing me to wait another five hours for the program to "fix itself" while listening to the hopefulness of the 10 hour Rainbow Bunchie loop
  6. When there's an external problem with the website I'm using when I really, really need to
  7. The mousepad (for my laptop) doesn't respond and the mouse jumps to the "Close" button, hoping that I'll bust another capillary (jk, I'm healthy) when I discover that the mouse works again and that I've just shut down an entire project without saving the last half an hour

Anyway, if you share these loving sentiments about technology, have fun blowing some more blood vessels because I think technology like this is here to stay. 0_0
<3, RS