Wednesday, January 9, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Abstract...

I can't do it
My creativity feels forced
All will, all enthusiasm is gone,
Leaving me with horrid emptiness
I feel nothing within my soul
I've been wrung dry
Why does this happen to me?
Why do I continue to let this happen to me?
Why do I let myself to be forced from my norm?
People pushing me around, telling me what to think and to feel
I feel empty because I have no soul
Or do I?
I don't know anymore
Why am I forced to feel uninspired?
Well, "forced" is the wrong word
Maybe there should be no word
No word, no world,
It's all just depressing
These thoughts make no sense,
But yet they make perfect sense,
In the grand scheme of things
Everything is so confusing
Why bother to make sense of it all
Harmony in discord?
It doesn't work
It feels forced, like everything else I try to do
Because everything is uninspiring and gray