Friday, February 1, 2013

Do Zombies Create...Leavings?

In the spirit of the premiere of Warm Bodies, I've been thinking a lot about zombies lately. I've been watching the trailer over and over through daytime television, I've been steadily watching "The Walking Dead" episodes, I'm even reading "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" (all this was done unintentionally, by the way). Thinking about the popular genre of a zombie apocalypse, I was thinking about the working anatomy of a zombie. I understand that a zombie has to bite someone to spread the infection that causes the zombie hoard and that a zombie needs to eat flesh to survive... Which leads me to my big question:

Where does the consumed flesh go?

I mean, where does it go? Is a zombie's anatomy the same as a humans? Just because it's rotten flesh doesn't mean that it's all gone to waste (no pun intended). If the digestive tract is rotted out of any working order, then where does the meat go? Do the zombies throw it up? Is that the cause for so much blood coming out of their mouths? If not, does it just sit in their stomachs until it's a smelly, pulpy mess?

I really don't expect you to have any answers. I just wanted to address an overlooked question. I'll leave you to ponder the meaning of life through zombie waste.
<3, RS