Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Rain and the Leaves

Splish, splash,
The rain falls to the ground
Splish, splash,
A child runs through the puddles with joy
Splish, splash,
Rain turns golden leaves with a pleasant shine,
A crisp smell,
A smell of jumping in leaf piles,
Being encased by hundreds of these same leaves
Splish, splash,
Sitting inside your warm house,
A cup of hot cocoa in your hand,
Warming your frozen fingertips,
Remembering the splendid simplicity of rain,
The smell of autumn leaves,
The pleasures of coming inside from a day outdoors,
Soaked to the bone,
Receiving a cup of Mother's hot chocolate,
And drying off in front of the welcoming fire,
Remembering how your heart soared as you took in the wonderful sense,
Of the rain and the leaves

<3, RS