Sunday, October 14, 2012


I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I <3 CATS OF ALL SHAPES AND SIZES! =^.^= I would give anything to actually own another cat of my own. I've gone without a cat for long that I've developed a certain longing to squeeze one and cuddle it to death (not litterally. Geddit? LITTER-ally? HA! ....sorry you had to endure that)!! I've also developed the awesome power of "speaking to cats" i.e. imitating a cat's meow like a total creep/loser. You see, I once had a cat (code name: KITT-3) long ago, but she was put down at sixteen for yowling at random points in time. I never really had a chance to say good-bye and I was really depressed for weeks, laying down in my parent's comfy bed and watching any TV programs limited cable could offer. Anyway, the moral of this story is that I soon discovered my obsession with cats years after KITT-3 died. For years, I've been longing for other kitties to fill my Happy-Kitty-Meter to Over 9000. ;)

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this is because I have some important news for you guys who probably don't give a flying-crap about cats (you sick, cute-hating sadists!)....:


I don't care if you guys don't care about cats or my "useless" postings: I'm going to post my kitty adventures anyway! I hope to get kitties soon, so watch out because your lives are going to become pointless and agonizing with my overly-constant postings of kitty progress, like (10/20/12 9 AM: FLUFFLES JUST ROLLED OVER! SO QTE! <3, 10/20/12 9:15 AM: SIR PURRS AND MR. CUTEY-PATOOTEY ARE SLEEPING LIKE ANGELS!!!1! GAAAAAAH! /)^3^(\, 10/20/12 9:20 AM: MISS KITTY MCFLUFFLEBUTT IS PURRING BECAUSE I'M PETTING HER!!!! NYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! HEART=EXPLODED FROM TEH QTENESS!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3) etc., etc.
Anyway, I'll leave you contemplating your futures of following this blog. 0_0

Purringly yours =^.^=,
<3, RS

P.S. I'll upload some creative stuff soon. I just need to find them and brighten your lives with my creative awesomeness! ;)