Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Five Kitties of the Apocalypse =^.^=

THE KITTIES ARE OFFICIALLY HERE! There are five of them: 4 kittens and 1 mama. The two orange kitties are named Fred and George, the black and gray kitties are Harry and Hermione, and Mama's named Skeeter. They're all tabby cats and so soft! The way we can tell the kittens apart are that Fred is a lot more orange and stripey than George (his fur is more like a dulled orange/white), and Harry has longer fur than Hermione (although sometimes I can't tell them apart! 0_0). Skeeter is long and lean with small feet, like an Ancient Egyptian cat. She even gives me the Egyptian Evil Eye sometimes as I call for her like Romeo did for Juliet (ya know, before they kinda died...). Anyway, her fur is a lot like Hermione's, except Skeeter's fur has some caramel-brown hairs mixed around. It's really pretty and I want to pet it constantly, but she's really shy. I did manage to pet her more than usual today, and I got her to purr. Yes!

The kittens are really hyper once they're awake and they've had some food. One minute, they're stumbling around, still sleepy, the next, they're tearing around the room like furry missiles armed with claws that are quite sharp! They fight with each other and wrestle and go nuts with a toy. Meanwhile, Skeeter's up high where she can't deal with any of her overactive children. Her eyes say it all: "God, these kids are so annoying! I wish they'd all just calm the frick down." You can't go five minutes without somekitty wrestling a sibling! It's mostly Fred or George wrestling/fighting with Hermione. Occasionally, I hear exasperated kitten mews of slight pain and aggravation. I've even seen Hermione go for her bro's baby testicles. 0___0



Anyway, once they spent their energy, they start to slow down, lie down somewhere, curl up, and fall asleep. Harry's usually the first one to take a nap and I'm there by his side, petting him until his eyes are shut (SO CUTE!). Fred usually the last one to settle down and take a nap. I keep asking him (even though I know cats can't talk) "Aren't you sleepy yet?" when all his other siblings have cuddled together in a nap huddle. Today, they were all napping in a large plastic tub together.
/)^3^(\ I managed to lull Fred to sleep yesterday, and I got him to purr. Even after his eyes closed, his purring was still constant. It was the cutest thing EVER! I managed to pull it off with George too.

I love it when kitties are sleepy. That's the best time to cuddle with them! <3

Anyway, that's all I have for you right now. I'll keep posting kitty updates for those who care about this kind of thing. For those who don't, TOO BAD!!!! >.<

May your days and nights be occupied with cat-related paraphernalia (don't think it's the right word in this situation, but who cares?)!! =^.^=
<3, RS