Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bible Reading: Day 12

Well, I've finished the Pentateuch in about a week. That deverves some kind of accomplishment right there. Something to the lines of "Biblical Llama of Pentateuch Epicness Badge: for completing the first section of the Bible. Good job, now eat some delicious and magical cake made by epic llama fairies of magicalness".

Sorry. I kind of like the idea of llamas....

Anyway, I've been breezing through the various sections of the Historical Books, so much that I finished the Book of Joshua in less than a day. Now I'm halfway through the Book of Judges, which is, as explained in my copy of the Bible, "Israel's teenage years". <shudder>

So, I'm going to explain the Books of Numbers through Joshua in very brief summaries so people can follow without losing interest:

    • The Israelites go conquer cities and celebrate over it. God keeps telling Moses what to do
    • Moses shares to the Israelites what God's been telling him for the past two to four books. At the end, Moses dies and Joshua takes over
    • He leads the Israelites over the Jordan River and lets them conquer many cites and rejoice in the name of the Lord

Well, I've got nothing else to say. I hope this has somehow enlightened you day...
<3, RS

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