Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Official Rules of Official Submissions of Official Awesomeness!

Hey, everyone! I've taken the time out of my writing to create some rules for submitting your *projects of awesomeness. So:

For content of writing *projects:
  • No porn (as stated before)
  • No wierd/creepy relationships with under-aged children and adults
  • There can be violence but no over-the-top violence/suicide scenes
  • No overly-repetitive explicit swear words, please. My brain is already rotted out due to the work load I have to do each day.
  • No plagiarism!

For submitting *projects:
Look over your work to make sure to check for spelling/grammar/punctuation errors! I don't have time to edit the first draft of an entire project for you!!!

Facing the possibility of your *project getting rejected:
I hate to do this, but, not all of you will get onto CVON. I know, very distressing. But I'm doing this as a partial favor to you as well as me. The good news about this is that it's practice for dealing with rejection.
I'm not making this better, am I? Anyway, it'll help you deal with life, that's all I'll say.


When you send in your *project, copy and paste this agreement:
"I give my full permission for Rosie Spencer to publish my work on 'Creative Voices and Other Nonsense'."

I welcome fanfics of all shapes, sizes, and genres, deeply moving to hilarious poetry, mind-blowingly awesome story excerpts, short stories, whatever you come up with! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for CVON! Keep writing and, as always, feel free to post comments in the comment boxes. See you real soon!

<3, RS

*"Projects" = poems, short stories, chapter excerpts, anything creative