Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yuzu's Creative Mind Unearthed!

Hey, guys! So, Yuzu and I were Facebook chatting for two hours a couple of days ago, and this popped up in between that time. I was amazed; I even gave her a digital round of applause. I'll admit, I was hooked. Mind you, what you see here is an edit that I made because I'm such a control freak.

Anyway, I'll let you gaze inside a portion of Yuzu's brain. Remember to support her blog (!

<3, RS


Go and turn us into blood sucking demons!

      The demons go to other mortals, their vision blurred by the scent of blood that is getting thicker and thicker into a steadily trickling stream. Demons plunge their fangs and rip still hot flesh from the bodies of the fallen. Screams of panic flood the village. Then the last villager goes and screams out one last sentence before a demon slices off his head with a bloody katana.

      "You will pay for this, you &^$^%$^ demon, Yuzu Kumi." The man’s head was sliced clean off.

      "Hehehe" Like a mortal could harm me, a half demon.

      "Oh, but Yuzu Kumi" came a voice, coming steadily closer. Yuzu swiped the blood off of her mouth. A demon with all white hair came up to Yuzu. "You wouldn’t hurt another full-fledged demon would you?”

      "No, I wouldn’t," Yuzu said.

      "Good,” The white-haired demon pulled in Yuzu and whispered in her ear, "because I’m your last opponent." The white-haired demon leaned into YuzuKumi. Just as it seemed to be a kiss, the white-haired demon whispered into Yuzu's wolf ear.

      "My name is…” But before the demon could say, an arrow plunged from the depths of the dark into the white-haired demons upper thigh. The white-haired demon screamed out, falling to the ground in sheer pain. Yuzu leapt in front of the white-haired demon, preparing for what lay in the darkness. Could it be another demon? Or is it a human?, YuzuKumi thought. She gripped her sword as she heard footsteps running toward her. Yuzu ran toward the unknown person and plunged her sword threw the unknown’s stomach. The victim coughed up blood.

      "Yuzu…it’s me. How could you…I thought…" The unknown person fell to the ground, dead.

      "That voice…no…no…NO!" It was her clan leader. His name was Reaga. Oh God, no. thought Yuzu.

      "Yuzu, what’s going on?" The white-haired demon strained to sit up.

      "I just killed my clan leader. I’m now an outcast."

~the end~

Credit goes to Yuzu for creative genius :)