Thursday, May 30, 2013

Character Development

Hey guys! I don't have anything to contribute other than advancements in my Superhero/Villain development. I'd say more, but I'm tired, and I have a lot of HW (plus I'm procrastinating like mad). Enjoy.

  • Name: Sadie
  • "Loving" father, mother's dead, no siblings
  • Few friends, but they're good friends
  • Given a lot of crap in her life w/ no thanks for anything
  • Not much pleasure in her life except when she's with her friends
  • She drank a chemically poisoned soda at lunch
    • Unlocked the Darkness
    • Lunch people won't apologise

  • Name: The Darkness
  • Physical embodiment of Sadie's depression
    • Sadie's alter ego-ish
  • Smokes
  • Feeds off the extreme negativity of Sadie's life
  • A complete bitch
    • Moody
  • Dislikes kindness because she finds it as mocking Sadie
  • Longs for the gifts of "justice"
    • Hurting those who've hurt her
    • Getting her dues
  • Complete takeover in Sadie's life
  • Complete opposite of Sadie
  • Darker, more extreme outfit than Sadie's

  • Sadie's fighting with herself
  • She has to tell her friends to leave her so they don't get hurt
  • She constantly fights for control/justice/happiness/stability
  • The Darkness nearly burns down the school, almost killing everyone inside
    • Saves them before the building collapses

I've even drawn some pretty good looking pictures. Here's the Michelangelo's-David of pictures:


The Darkness
Anyway, I'll leave you alone now. Have a fun rest of the day.
<3, RS