Thursday, May 23, 2013

There are no words. I mean, there are literally no words about this. All I can really say is that




I just found this out of the blue. And this made my day. As you could tell by the first line, it's Disney-related, but it's the best Disney-related fandom: it's dark. It hooked me instantly. Even now, I'm waiting for the next page/installment of this holy wonderment of epic awesomeness. I'm going to give you the link so you can judge for yourself why I see this as supercali-friggingtastic-expiali-mothertrucking-docious. If you aren't a Disney fan, YOU HAVE NO SOUL. ;)

Oh, and I'm giving you another web comic link for those who aren't Disney-people.
See you in the fandoms! ;)
<3, RS

p.s. links!: