Monday, May 6, 2013

Ranting about Something I Should Probably Be Doing Instead of Ranting but are Ranting about It Nonetheless

It's been something like the third incredibly-sunny day in a row and I want to write fanfiction. Don't ask me the direct reason why. If you want an explanation, it's this: whenever it gets really warm and sunny, like it does when it's summer, I feel like my soul get really happy and elevate and I get a boost of unneeded energy, which makes me hyper, which usually makes me go write/get into the process of writing something and I do and I feel good and I LIKE WRITING AND SUNNY WEATHER AND SUMMER AND HAPPY, ELEVATED SOULS!!!

The "happy souls" part makes me sound high, doesn't it? Just so you know, I'm not high, unless you add the suffix -per to the end of it, making it spell out high-per.

The important thing about this is that I don't take drugs.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, fanfiction...

Once again, I don't know exactly why I want to write fanfiction when it's warm and sunny (refer back to the non-drug induced reply above), all I know is that it's sunny and warm and I want to write fanfiction RIGHT NOW!!! I want to write a Doctor Who fanfic about the episode where he's in 1913 and he's John Smith and all that his-dorkical (historical/massive-dorkness) stuff, but I don't know anything about the early 1900s. GAH! Plus, I'll feel weird writing about that sort of thing. Once again, I DON'T KNOW WHY.

Can't you tell that I'm REALLY obsessed with Doctor Who right now? ;)

Maybe it doesn't' have to be fanfiction. All I really need to do is write. And be in the sunshine. Maybe I can write in the sunshine. BRILLIANT!!! ;)

Hope you all have a happy, sunny, wonderful day filled with hugs and chocolate!
<3, RS