Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cause for Celebration*

*(alternative title): In Which I Survive One of the Most Hellish Days of My Young Life

So...yeah; today hasn't been one of my best days. This has been literally one of the longest, most stressed out day of my life so far. Why? Because I was battling temporary nausea, occasional hot/cold flashes, and enduring the most sadistic pain ever created by the Supreme Being in the Sky. Don't worry, I'm feeling better (I think). I'm pretty sure I'll feel better by tomorrow. I have to, 'cause I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning!

Anyway, I'm getting off track.

Normally I would've gone home if I was feeling royally crappy, right? WRONG. Why? Because I had to present a project that was something like a month-and-a-half overdue, or  would get an F on the final grading for not presenting it. Long story short, people were missing the first two times it should have been presented (one of them being me :blush:) and this was my last chance.

With this in mind, adding to the sadism that was my temporary illness, I had to endure hours of suffering through my day. I could literally feel the seconds slink past me like they were freaking slugs. But, luckily, the sickness went away enough for me to successfully present what I had to present without collapsing on the floor (or even feeling sick, thank SBS).

So, connecting back to the title, I'm going to list the causes for celebration:
  1. I'm not sick anymore
  2. I presented on what I thought was a decent job
  3. I'm watching Doctor Who: Season 2 :)
  4. I'm currently reading "Clockwork Princess" :D
  5. I'm going to soon publish this blog post
  6. I just ate the best damned bowl of cereal in my entire life

Anyway, I'm better now. I've just finished a delicious bowl of cereal because I hadn't eaten since 6:35 this morning (I'll add that to the list above). Since I was nauseous, I didn't get to eat any lunch, so I've practically been starving-without-even-starving for 9 hours. YAY!

Anyway, I'll see you later, then.
<3, RS