Friday, February 8, 2013

Ancient Writings Found!

Last night, as I was milling around on the Internet, I noticed a composition notebook right next to my computer hard-drive. I opened it up and found the writings from my eighth grade experiences! Inside, I mostly found myself (from the past) bitching and moaning how my life sucked and I should be doing something better with my life. Since this bored me (even though I was the one who wrote these angsty "journals"), I won't let you suffer along with me. However, I did find a poem I wrote when I was in seventh grade, and I decided that I would share it with you. Don't worry: there is no angst in this.

I hope you enjoy my long-lost poem!
<3, RS

Everyone wears a mask,
If you should boldly ask
Some are big and some are loud
Some just laugh at the crowd
Emotions are so much like masks
When we turn our backs,
On the family we love and know,
A new, fun mask comes to show
When we turn our backs on fun-loving friends,
The fun mask's reign comes to an end
The serious mask comes to town
Bold, dark, and sometimes with a frown
Like a wall, it hides,
All secrets, dark and mysterious but it confides,
That we keep those secrets from Mom and Dad
After all, we wouldn't want something bad,
To happen to our lives that we've come to love and know
Who would come to show?
A replacement you?
No one, that's who
So that's why masks are also like safes,
Keeping our precious secrets locked up safe
And anyway, we all wear the mask