Sunday, February 10, 2013

Worst Weekend of Friggin' Life

Yeah, as you can tell, I didn't have the best weekend. How did this come around? Well...
  1. I was supposed to have a movie night with a friend on Saturday that cancelled at the last minute. This resulted in me trying desperately to get my friends to hang out with me and having them turn me down, resulting in a deep depression that lasted a night and a day, not to mention having me feel like a total loser.
  2. My mother took the time last night to tell me that I'll be changing schools next year. I tried to give her a set of reasons why I should stay at my old school, but those apparently weren't good enough reasons for me to stay, so my parents are forcing me to have me uproot my friends, favorite teachers, and my life I've made with my school, and start all over again in a different place, not to mention having my stalker get even closer to me (well, not really a stalker, but more like someone I'm trying to avoid), because he will be going to this school as well. I'm currently trying to avoid contact with my parents, since they aren't comforting me when I need it most. Thanks a lot, you guys...
  3. I didn't eat anything until noon this morning. This was because of a problem with my health forced me to eat nothing until it got better. This, combined with the previous two points, made me even crankier than usual.

I'll leave you alone to your non-sucky lives. There's no use in letting you listen to any more of my life being an ultimate pit of emotional hell. You're free.
<3, RS