Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Meh Poem

Here's something I wrote a little while ago. I'm pretty sure it's one of these days where I really need this, so I'll keep it short. I hope you enjoy my creativity.
<3, RS

Come, wonderful numbing senses,
And drug me into submission
Make me forget all the hardships humanity has faced
Numb my mind into a delightful jumble,
Of blurred pixels
I look to you whenever things get tough,
Or when things don't make sense
When the world turns completely upside-down,
I run to your comforting warmth of forgetfulness,
Letting myself be smothered,
By bright lights,
And mummified happiness
Let my concrete thoughts become puddles of conciousness
Drug me to the point where I don't care,
What day it is, what time it is,
Who my friends are,
And what I still have to do before the day is over
Let me be consumed to the point of no return,
Where I'm of no use to the world anymore

At least, then I'd be happy