Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PCDS (Post Cat Depression Syndrome)

Yes, I have entered PCDS. The room that occasionally went bump in the night (and the day) is silent and I'm choking back tears of sadness and of cat litter smell. The once furry kittens I helped take care of are now gone, probably being viewed by volunteers down at the MEOW cat shelter and, hopefully, some loving family hoping to adopt a sweet pair of kittens to love and to take care of.

Yesterday was the last chance to see them before they would be transported to the shelter. I went in for about 30 minutes in the afternoon, a quick visit compared to the one I'd make later that night. At that last visit, I went from normal, to happy, to melancholy, to overly depressed in the hour that I last visited them. I had one last play with them, one last final cuddles with the ones that would tolerate being held. I heard all of them purr at the same time, which didn't help me compose myself free from tears. They were wonderful when I held them, not as wild as they normally were. I held Fred and Hermione for about five minutes, just peacefully lying in my arms, purring (once again, not helping me from bawling my eyes out). George was nice in not trying to gnaw on my fingers as I stroked under his chin and over his back. Harry was the worst of it: he was so sweet when I held him and he was so soft when I was holding him and petting him and he was purring! I couldn't help but hug him and gently squeeze him over and over again.
Finally, I had to leave the cat room to get on with my life. I looked at them all playing on the opposite side of the room and went out the door, not without taking one last look at them and saying "goodbye, kittens". Afterward, I was crying like this the rest of the night. After a while, I thought I was going to be okay when I noticed that the light was still on in the cat room (it was about 11:15 at night). I opened the door to turn off the light and saw all four kittens sitting right behind the opened door, looking up at me. I could barely take it. I lay in bed crying again and again and again and again.

And so, that brings me to today. Well, I'm still kinda bawling my eyes out, binging on ungodly non-healthy foods, really wishing I had ice cream....
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jk, jk....

Anyway, I'll wallow in the tides of my PCDS. But I'll be okay....eventually.....
<3, RS

P.S. Here are the pages for the cats! I would so appreciate it if you at least took a look at these wonderful babies in person:

Info on Skeeter
Info on Fred
Info on George
Info on Harry
Info on Hermione