Thursday, December 13, 2012

I. Effing. Love. Peter. Jackson.

I don't know if you guys know this, but I effing love Peter Jackson. Imagine a world completely void of Peter Jackson: it sucks! I seriously contribute everything good in life to the amazing Peter Jackson. Why am I praising the Almighty PJ, you ask? Well, for these reasons that I'm going to force you to listen to (jk):
  1. He's from New Zealand, aka location shots for Middle Earth in the LOTR movies (we'll get to this later...)
  2. He's a freaking knight. Apparently, he was appointed a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2010. How nice of the New Zeals!
  3. He's married to Fran Walsh, one of the writers of the LOTR movies. Fun fact: she's the unearthly screetches of the Nazgul. I totally geeked my pants when I found out.
  4. He directed the LOTR movies! He oversaw the location shots, the principal photography, the artisty, the everything, and created Middle Earth for those poor people who couldn't read the books...
  5. He won a freaking Oscar for Best Picture in 2003. That's pretty good considering that he directed three fantasy movies.
  6. He produced District 9 and The Adventures of Tintin, and directed the King Kong movie with Adrien Brody in it.
  7. He's making The Hobbit into three movies, which is good but bad. The bad part about this is not knowing if he'll pull off telling the story of Bilbo into three different sections, adding some stuff that wasn't in the original book. But it's PJ! He'll do wonderfully as always (I hope)...
  8. He helped create WETA, which contributed making movies like LOTR (duh), James Cameron's Avatar, District 9, and other films freaking amazingly cool.
  9. He's a great director hands down, no questions asked.
  10. He actually cameoed in some of his films. I won't give them away for those who want to find out for themselves, but here's the link for those who can't wait and want to make sure I'm not being a lying prick.

So, here's my list. If any one of your friends/enemies/frenemies goes up to tell you that Peter Jackson's movies are quote-unquote gay, give them this list and say "screw you, PJ rocks!"

As always, have a smashing day, and all the New Zeals out there in the world, I heart you guys!
<3, RS