Monday, July 29, 2013

Thoughts from.a "Half-Assed" Writer

I'm feeling completely useless today, and I have no idea why. As a writer, I'm still a novice in a classroom where my friends have more than a couple of scattered scenes. Some of them have been working on their novels for months, years even, and where am I? Back at square one, because my attention span can only take a week while working on something before it cuts off short. I hate my brain. Why in the name of God do I feel like I still need more sleep while I'm drinking my f**king coffee. I'll never finish anything independent in my life ever. I'll never get a job that'll pay well due to my work incompetence and my parents will hate me. Why can't I think of anything to f**king write about? Am I actually going to be a writer when I grow up? Doesn't look like it right now. Why do I even take these classes if I don't write more than a couple of measly scenes that aren't even qualified as actual chapters. God, I'm such a baby. I'm restless and don't have any idea on what I'm f**king going to do next. I need sleep, and exercise. Why is this day going away so fast? Will the rest of the week be like this? Why do I even go to these classes when it'll be like this every day? WHY CAN'T THIS BE A NORMAL DAY???!!!


:heart:, RS