Friday, July 19, 2013

Things You Need to Do to Become an Official Writer-to-Be from a Fellow Writer

  1. A pen and notebook
    • For jotting out-of-the-blue ideas, family trees, character studies, etc.
  2. A laptop (optional)
    • Recording your ideas on a hard drive is very important for looking professional to publishers
  3. "Writer's Swag"
    • A pen tucked behind your ear; intelligent-looking glasses (real or fake); everyday wear, like that t-shirt you own with the kitten that says "Hang in there, baby" and your favorite sweatpants, somewhat-untidy hair, etc.
  4. "Writer's Face"
    • That scrunched-up facial expression and intense stare when you're rapidly typing a character interaction into your laptop and that overly-happy expression when you figure something that is amazing that applies to your novel
  5. Coffee
    • Whether it's plain coffee, coffee with cream, a macchiato, a cappuccino, or that really complicated drink you ordered from Starbucks, good ideas don't come easily when you're just starting in the morning and/or when you're writing in the dead of night
  6. Shutting yourself in your room/any place that unleashes your creativeness
    • You need concentration, not a common place where noises are barging into your Creative Zone, unless you need that kind of thing to work effectively
  7. Join a writer's group
    • This is where you can share your writing to people who know what you're going through as a writer and can helpfully contribute suggestions to make your work of art great. Plus, you may find your fellow nerd herd, depending on what you're interested in
    • Self-explanatory. Never stop loving what you create with writing, and certainly never stop practicing your craft. I get it if you need a break because you can't think of anything, but you should have moments of inspiration to get you back into the swing of things

Have a nice day, and never stop creating!
:heart:, RS