Monday, April 15, 2013

The Boston Marathon "Discussion"

Okay, let's sit down for a bit and talk about the Boston Marathon Bombing. For those who don't live in America/don't get world news/live under a rock, at the finish line of this year's Boston Marathon, two bombs were detonated, killing at least two people and injuring hundreds of others (as if you didn't see that on the picture above). Now, the reason I've made this discussion is because of the most obvious (in my mind) question:


Was it just for a taste of power and control in the world? Was it to tell people "don't f*** with me"? Was it because someone's fed up with their life and is blowing off some stress in an extreme way? Well, whatever it really is, whoever you are, you have contributed a whole lot of panic, injured people, and probably a new branch of over-extreme national security regulations. Thanks a lot, buddy. Thanks a f***ing lot. >:(
<3 (not really), RS
p.s. I accidentally lied when I said that this was a discussion. This is just a pile of questions thrown out into the universe, unanswered, so that I feel less confused and more satsfied that I'm not carrying all this on my shoulders forever...

p.p.s. thanks a lot, you dick, for killing a harmless eight-year-old. I hope you're celebrating with a bottle of poisoned champagne. >:(