Sunday, April 14, 2013

In Which I Feel Ultimately Wonderful for No Good Reason...

This is the physical embodiment of my happiness, except with a rainbow shooting out of its butt...

I honestly have no idea why I'm feeling so smiley and ultimately wonderful today. I mean, I have boring homework to do and I'm not currently writing anything. I'm not going to meet any friends for a Starbucks date or anything and I haven't consumed a ludicrously-large amount of caffeine today. I have no good reason to feel ultimately wonderful.

But yet, I do.

Maybe it's the feeling that I have purpose in my life (not that I didn't before), that I suddenly have a purpose to produce otherwise meaningless crap to an unknown audience of viewers from around the freaking world! BTW, thank you to whoever in Poland has taken interest in this obscure, B-list blog, not to mention the sudden interest spike in the page views, since I haven't published any new writings/new posts since a couple days after Margaret Thatcher's death (still miss her). I APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Maybe it's the fact that I'm listening to music that causes my brain to shoot endorphin and adrenaline chemicals into my system, making me feel this ultimate wonderfulness. p.s., the remixes made by Aftermath are freaking amazing! You should totally check it out, unless you're not a total fan of the subject matter...

Maybe it's the fact that I've found organization in my life. It may sound a little vain to you people, but I've just organized my FavoriteArt on my DeviantArt page into individual categories, like a professional artist instead of a hack, sucky "artist" that rarely produces anything and just consumes 24/7. I've also edited my page to make it more awesome (depending on your definition of "awesome" in terms of your possible fandom towards me). Plz go check it out and if you have a DeviantArt account, PLZ watch me like the stalkers I know you are. ;)

Maybe it's the fact that I've found such AMAZING art! I found the artwork of viria13 on DeviantArt and have been having a ball looking around and picking my FavoriteArt from her broad collection. She even made an overly-amazing painting/drawing/what-have-you of Lily Evans (mother of Harry Potter, for those who live under a rock), which I'm currently using for my profile pic (if you're looking at this, viria13, I hope that this is okay. I just love your artwork so much! :heart:). Please support her artworks, as I am doing so. :)

Maybe it's the fact that it's such good weather outside. I can see the sunshine out from my windows. The reason I'm not out in it is a. I have no life, b. it's probably freezing outside, c. I'm such a freaking antisocial hermit, and d. I need to vent off my sudden adrenaline rush to the Internet. Don't question my motives!

Anyway, whatever it is, I'm glad I'm experiencing unnatural ultimate wonderfulness and I hope I use whatever's left of it to actually CREATE SOMETHING! I actually need to finish a scene I was writing about a week ago and post it to DeviantArt and CVON, AND post the scene I have on DeviantArt onto CVON, AND watch the Iron Giant. Can you believe it? I actually have The Freaking Iron Giant! :DDDD

I'm sorry. Got a lot to do, and unknown reserve of energy left to do it.
I hope your day's been as ultimately wonderful and completely unexpected as mine. If not, I wish you all the hugs and chocolate and magic in the world to make you feel better.
<3, RS

p.s. LINKS! :D: