Friday, April 26, 2013


Where's your Eden? Mine is sitting on a nice little porch with a book, the sound of birds chirping around me. The sun's out and it's a nice, warm, relaxing spring/summer day. The lake that I can see from where I'm sitting on my porch is peaceful and welcoming, stocked up with fish that dance whenever there's fish kibble tossed onto the surface. The wind carries the smell of sun-warmed grass and everything feels as it should be: no stress, no chores, no work that needs to be done for Monday. All that resides is the grip of nature all around me: a bald eagle swoops over the lake in hope of catching something to eat, a small herd of four to dive deer sit contentedly under the shade of a tree, and birds swoop down and around in the air, happy to live on this special day in this wonderful place. Everything is peaceful, serene. All I need is a comfy place to sit on the porch, a can of soda on the table next to me, a book clutched in my light-purple painted fingers, and the calming thought that nothing could bother me in my own patch of Paradise.

I hope you find your Eden on this lovely weekend.
:wishing you lots of hugs and chocolate:, RS