Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ray Bradbury, "Fahrenheit 451", and Me

*NOTE: BTW, this is just a re-hash from my DeviantArt journal, but I don't care, since I have nothing better to talk about. Enjoy.*

I saw the movie with my dad about a year or so ago, and was blocked from completely recognizing the awesome themes and ideas that Ray Bradbury injected into one of his masterpieces, "Fahrenheit 451". It reeked of the 1970s, with the hairstyles, makeup, fashions, etc. (those who've seen the movie know what I'm talking about) But the stuff that wasn't blocked from my memory really stuck out to me, like when the old woman said that she'd rather die than to see her books burn because the people inside them are alive. 0_0

Anyway, the whole subject/feel of the book and-or movie, and the master, Ray Bradbury himself, has inspired me to write.
Yes, people. I! AM! WRITING! SOMETHING! :D I won't get much into it right now, but rest assured, it'll be awesome as time progresses. I'm trying to write it a dystopia/satire of Ray Bradbury, which is weird because I haven't read the book yet, but I kind of know what to satire and I'M SUCH A MESS!!!

Anyway, I hope me telling you this hasn't made me burn out before I even had the chance to lift myself off the ground. I'll also try to get some characters I "created from my crappy-art hands" onto my DeviantArt, both past, present, and future characters.

I hope this "free-journal-skins" thing leaves the right for people who don't have the access to buy a Premium Membership (ie, ME) to access the journal skins we downloaded for the moment where life was momentarily awesome, because THIS SKIN IS REALLY COOL AND I WANT TO USE MORE OF IT IN THE FUTURE!!! PLEASE LET US LESSER DEVIANTS USE THESE COOL JOURNAL SKINS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS A PREMIUM MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry about that. I need to get writing. :)

Until next time,
<3, RS