Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adventures on the Other Side of the World

I didn't actually travel to the other side of the world over the weekend (sorry for lying). All I did was spend five hours in a car traveling to the very-far-away town of Addy, WA for a baby shower. It was my first one, so my mom thought it was worth the trip. We traveled past countless fields of nothing but grasslands and occasional farm houses. We also passed a lot of properties with tons of crap in their yards. I took this time to take a nap (because I had to wake up at 6 :'( ), and to actually finish some of the many books I have to read. I'm so proud of myself... :) We also spent a couple of hours listening to The Magician's Nephew on CD, since we had nothing to do but spend hours driving past fields, staying at the constant speed of 65 MPH.

Charles the Piggybank, holding the winning answers
After a long trip down the highway, an Asian noodle place, and another hour in the car later, we arrived at the baby shower. We had about ten minutes before the shower actually began, so we chatted with family that Mom and I hadn't seen in a year. I got to say hi to my cousins again (the older cousin was the one who was having the shower). Eventually, everyone came and we played three baby shower games, which took about four hour to do in total. I wasn't totally bored, though. I had people to talk to. Me and my mom actually won one of the shower games. For clarification, it was the one where you have to identify the candy bar in the diaper that looks like poop (ew.). Want to know what the prize was? Meet Charles, the Prize Piggybank manufactured in China!
Anyway, Mom and I spent the night at the nicest common hotel room EVER and left the hotel the next morning at nine. I was kind of sad to leave. I missed passing through the peaceful countryside and the sunny weather, and the best freaking hotel room in the freaking WORLD!
Anyway, that's what happened in the past weekend. I hope you were somewhat enlightened. At least now you know what the background picture is all about. Charles has agreed to be the new mascot for CVON. <3
ANYWAY... ;)
<3, RS