Sunday, January 5, 2014



So I've been having a couple of thoughts about two completely different fandoms lately, the first one being about Frozen. Here it goes:

Elsa was born with ice powers because her mom was in love with a Winter/Snow God/Spirit. This Winter/Snow God/Spirit is Elsa's true father, while the human father she grew up with was just an "adoptive" father

The second being about MLP. In the latest episode, Rarity was given what was hinted at as the first key that can open the mysterious Box. Also, Dave Polsky hinted at how we may see the character of Coco Pommel again in the future.

Here's my thought:

Coco Pommel is some sort of Agent for the Tree of Harmony. She's no normal pony at all, but a shapeshifting will of good that helps push intended destinies down the right path, maybe a bit in league with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna

Just a thought...

I'll try to post something less sloppy soon...