Friday, October 4, 2013

Something Creative

Hello there! Sorry I haven't been posting stuff on here lately, but, as it turns out, college is a lot of hard work. I barely get enough time to relax and do what I want to do and I have to keep working non-stop until everything gets completed (in other words: boohoo, feel sorry for me ;) ). Hell, I barely get enough sleep every night! Today during my 8:30 math class, I felt myself starting to doze off because of the collective sleep-loss I've gained over the two weeks I've been in school. I had to get a hot chocolate and a muffin just to keep myself awake for the next class!
I'm definitely going to take a huge nap when I get home. I won't be surprised when I wake up and find that I slept through Saturday.

So, anyway, I wanted to show you guys something I wrote during my Creative Writing course. It may seem a little simplistic, but that was the idea behind the writing assignment. I'll give you this with the fact that when I don't post anything in a more than 3 day interval, I'm not dead, just busy/too tired to post anything.

Sleep in, my friends. :)

The fox reached the throne. Nose twitched. It was filled with fey dust, a blue glow in the eyes of the young fox. Light poured down from the warm sun, through a door high up. Paws made a "tip" sound as the fox climbed up the long and tall stairs up to the fey throne. It sniffed at the dust, then sneezed a loud bark of a sneeze. A form crouched in the dark, eyes a fire blue glow. Tail moved from left to right in a not-breeze. This was not the place the fox should be. The young fox fell down the tall steps, feet loud "tip taps" on the tile floor. Ears pushed back, the fox ran towards the door from which it came in. The form from the dark stopped the fox from its bolt out the door. Eyes glowed bright as it came close to the young fox. The dark loomed close to it. It filled the fox as the fey spoke a word filled with fear and raw: da.