Thursday, October 24, 2013


I am seriously excited for November. Why? BECAUSE IT'S THE MONTH WHERE ALL THE COOL, AWESOME, AND NERDY MEDIA SH*T HAPPENS!!! I'm so excited that I even renamed this upcoming month to a more appropriate name:


(original, right?) ;)
For those who completely forgot/live under a rock/don't care, I'm giving a list to why I renamed November and why all nerds should be as excited as I am.


  1. "The Book Thief" comes to theaters: November 8th
  2. "Thor: The Dark World" comes to theaters: November 8th
  3. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" comes to theaters: November 22nd
  4. "Doctor Who 50th Anniversary" episode: November 23rd
  5. "My Little Pony"; Season 4: November 23rd
  6. "Sherlock"; Season 3: November 25th (for the British. Lucky bastards. Us 'Mericans have to wait a whole 2 months before we get to see anything. F**k!!! Moffat will be torturing us for months!)
  7. "Frozen" comes to theaters (if you're a huge Disney fan): November 27th

Also, let's not forget December (which I don't have a clever title for at the current moment):


  1. "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" comes to theaters: December 13th (there, America. Now you can get your Sherlock/Jawn fix. SHIP AWAY!)

I'm going to be very happy this holiday season, and it won't be all because of the soynog (soy eggnog from Silk. BEST. F***ING. DRINK. EVER!!! :D)

p.s. I'll leave you with a picture of comforting, delicious soynog. Enjoy! <3