Thursday, August 15, 2013


So today, I was walking around the zoo with my friend, Yuzu, which was fun. But when we reached the middle of the zoo, I heard a band practicing a rehearsal for later that night. It was for the people who paid money to the zoo for funds to listen to a performance of a band or something.
Anyway, I was passing through when I heard a band rehearsing. The main vocalist was singing a song that I recognized, so I hummed along to it.

(for you folk-y people who've heard of Loreena McKennitt)

I was punching myself in the stomach once I figures this out hours later after looking on the zoo's website for concert events. I was so jealous. I wanted to go, but the show was sold out. I guess there are more folk fans in Seattle than I originally thought.

Anyway, I decided to share this with you guys, since a. I thought it was amazing that I basically passed by Loreena McKennitt's private rehearsal, and b. since tomorrow's going to be pretty depressing for me. :(

Anyway, links are below if you're interested. Now, I NEED SOME SLEEP!
:heart:, RS

The song I heard:
Her legit website (if you're interested):