Friday, August 16, 2013

Note to a Man's Best Friend Long Gone (or "Two Years")


Two years
It's been two years
It doesn't feel like it's been two years
It feels like yesterday,
But also like an eternity ago,
When I last saw you,
Held you,
Stroked your ear,
As if to tell you that everything would be okay,
When I would be far from it

I miss you
Sometimes I feel like I'm starting to forget you
What did your fur feel like?
How did you eat?
How did you feel,
When you started to slip away?

I'm so sorry
I'd take every moment of it back if I could
You were wonderful,
The best friend anyone could ever have
It was like we had the same soul,
The same emotions,
Like it was designed by destiny

I miss your presence in the house
I miss having to call your name
I miss you running around the backyard like a nut
I miss when you were playful,
When you turned into a wolf
I miss sitting next to you when we take long car rides,
Comforting you when you'd sit there beside me,
Panting out of fear of where the car would take you

I hate knowing that you're gone
I hate myself crying because of it,
Feeling like my soul was torn apart by an ice cream scoop,
Leaving a dog-shaped hole where you should be,
Living and smiling and playing,
Wagging your curled-up tail,
Happy that we're all here

I hope you're doing okay
I hope you have everything you'll ever want or need,
Sitting up there with all your comforts,
Resting peacefully at last

I miss you so much
I love you
I hope to see you there waiting for me,
When the time comes

I love you, my precious girl

I love you