Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome to "Creative Voices and Other Nonsense"!

Welcome to my blog! I am just another person in this world that wants her voice to be heard. I'm also a person who likes to write but not as often as she likes to. That's one of the main reasons why I created this blog. The other reason is that I want to share my creative voice with YOU. Feel free to send me some creative writing stuff to me at You can send in short stories, chapter excerpts, continuing novels, poems, things you just jotted down 'cause you felt like it, anything. But I do have a couple of drawbacks: porn or incredibly "gross" gory stories. NO PORN IS TO BE ON THIS BLOG!

Is that clear? Good. If not, find somewhere else to share your sick imagination.

Also, feel free to send me some prompts for writing! I often get uninspired because my life bullies my creativity to go hide in the deep recesses of my brain. I also want to entertain you viewers so you don't get incredibly bored and annoyed that I'm just talking about myself. I can't wait to see what you viewers can come up with! The same rules apply to prompts as they do for submissions, by the way.

I can't wait to see what the future has in store for this hub of creative voices (hopefully)! Thanks for taking the time to follow/view "Creative Voices and Other Nonsense"!

<3, RS